Wednesday, November 2, 2011

poem bout Aria

Poem About my Daughter
not even one word she spoke .
Her path that God already wrote.
Why she had to leave I guess we will never know.
But this i know that we love and miss her so very much.
We wish we could have her back her little hands to touch.
Her beautiful face. To cuddle and hold her in our safe embrace.
I know that she is in a better place.
I could sit here for hours.
have my tears coming out like showers.
I know nothing will ever bring her back.
 and it breaks my heart I feel like I'm having a Heart Attack.
I don't know what life will be like when i have another baby.
 I feel like something will happen this time too just maybe.
I fear i wont love them the way i love her.
I just want to feel like a mother.
I know that I am one.

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