Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My dear Aria

Happy to have time with our princess
These tiny feet left imprints on many hearts in just 2 days.

It has been One month and and 13 days since you passed away.
You would have been 1 and a half months old.
I remember hoping and praying for you to life. 
choosing to let you pass away was the hardest thing i will ever have to do.
I wanted so bad to see you life i had so much hopes and dreams for you.

I remember saying i would do anything to keep you

that was before we were told about your brain bleeding.
Some days i get so sad and just wish i could hold you one more time
The first time I held you in my arms was the best moment of my life.
I wish i could have that time back again just to hold you.
Sometimes I think that I could have done things different 
like its my fault for not knowing i was pregnant for 24 weeks
Happiest Daddy in the world
My fault i was so young and knew nothing
 about what was going on
Should i have said i wanted a 
c-section in the first place .

Beautiful Princess Aria
When daddy said you weren't breathing
 i started freaking out in my head and when
 nurse Kristine came in to check to she said you had no heart beat
 i so wanted it all to be a dream like all the dreams i had 
where something happened and i woke up and 
you were still safe inside of me,but that wasn't
 the case this was reality...
I don't even understand how to function its so hard but 
I keeping living on to make you proud. 
I get sad when i see small babies and 
 its hard for me to look at your daddy because you
 looked so much like him. And when i look in the mirror
 I see you because you looked so much like me .
When i look in the mirror i see you
You looked so much like your Daddy

You were the perfect gift from god a blessing sent to us only to
 be taken back again and we may never understand why but
 you touched many life's 
We protected you the best we could from evil now 
your in gods hands and he protects you
He loves you more than life its self

1.Find out why they didn't detect the Velamentous Cord  Insertion
2.Find out why you didnt get oxygen for 20 minutes
3.Find out why the midwife didnt do an emergency C-Section 
4.Find out why there was no doctor present during my labor
5.Understand gods plan for me now that this has happened
Love, Mommy

we shield you from evil now god will

To get Justice for you

I promise to do everything I can

Aria Claire my Princess
Aria Claire Elizabeth Lund
My Princess, My reason for going on
To make you proud,To make things right,To get justice
To understand why this had to happen
I promise to do everything i can to get justice for you 
for the wrong things that happened to cause this to happen.