Saturday, January 14, 2012

Poem 1

Yesterday was 7 months since you went away...
Life has changed so much for me.
I wonder if you were still here how life would be.
I miss you like crazy.
Somedays I wanna lay in bed and be lazy.
I stay up all night and sleep during the day.
I just wish you were here I wish there was someway.
I lost everything I lost you, I lost your dad..
I hate the way things are I just wanna scream because I am so mad.
How can people I trust take away the ones that I love the most.
They say the love i had for you guys I didn't have to boast.
You and him were my whole world.
We were so happy to have our little girl.
The first time we ever heard your heart
It was love from the start.
As we waiting the whole weekend.
We were guessing what you were
Alittle boy or a little girl.
We thought of names.
We picked Jude Steven Lund if you were a boy
We chose Aria Claire Elizabeth Lund who would have known that we chose the perfect name for a perfect angel.

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